Bill McKelvey received his Ph.D. from the Sloan School of Management at MIT (1967) and is currently Professor of Strategic Organizing and Complexity Science at UCLA's Anderson School of Management. Early articles focus on organization and socio-technical systems design. His book, Organizational Systematics (1982) remains the definitive treatment of organizational taxonomy and evolutionary theory.

He chaired the building committee that produced the $110,000,000 Anderson Complex at UCLA-opened in 1995. In 1997 he became Director of the Center for Rescuing Strategy and Organization Science (SOS). From this Center he initiated activities leading to the founding of UCLA's Inter-Departmental Program, Human Complex Systems & Computational Social Science. He has directed over 170 field study teams on 6-month projects concerned with firms' strategies.

Recently McKelvey co-edited Variations in Organization Science (with J. Baum, 1999), a special issue of the journal, Emergence (applying complexity theory to management; with S. Maguire, 1999), and a special issue of the Journal of Information Technology (applying complexity science to IS; with J. Merali, 2006). He is now co-editing the SAGE Handbook of Complexity and Management (with P. Allen and S. Maguire), in addition to editing 5 books on Complexity Science for Routledge's Major Works Series (also due in 2010). Bill McKelvey has published over 50 "complexity" articles & chapters, mostly with coauthors, who are mostly in Europe. He has given 150+ "complexity" presentations, mostly in Europe.

Courses taught: Undergrad: Complexity Science for Social Dynamics; MBA: Complexity Leadership: The Secret of Jack Welch's Success; PhD: Foundations in "New" Social Science.

Articles appear in: Admin. Sci. Quart.; Organ. Science; Cal. Mgmt. Rev.; Acad. Mgmt. Rev.; J. Bioeconomics; Leadership Quart.; J. Management; Strategic Organization; Nonlinear Dynamics; Psych. & Life Sci.; J. Int. Business Studies; Int. J. Production Economics; Organization Studies; J. Information Technology; Research in Competence-Based Mgmt.; Int. J. Physical Dist. & Logistics Mgmt.; J. Economics & Org. Behavior; Emergence; Int. J. Accounting & Info. Mgmt.; Advances in Strategic Mgmt.; J. Business Venturing; Emergence: Complexity & Organization; Proceed. Nat. Acad. of Sciences; Int. J. Innovation Management; Risk Management, An Int. J.; Ephemera.

Additional publications appear as chapters in books and conference proceedings.

Postscript: My early life was in the cornfields of Illinois; at age 7, I was on the first ship through the Suez Canal after WWII; grew up in Pakistan and India; went to Woodstock, a boarding school in the Himalayas; returned to the cornfields for college in 1956. Lived amongst the horrible traffic of Boston (even then) for seven years before moving to LA and UCLA in 1967. My "saying" is: "If you live in LA for 2 years, you will never leave." But I do leave for some 4 months per year to live in Europe where most of my coauthors work! If I ever do leave LA it will be to live in Paris! At some cost to my academics at UCLA, I spent 10 years studying California gardening; 10 years becoming a world-class expert on steam locomotives along with building the track, switches, bridges, and tunnels at the Griffith Park Steam Locomotive Club; as well as 9 years guiding architects and builders toward creating the Anderson Complex. For the past 18 years I studied operas and operatic voice training, took voice lessons, performed in operas, and sang in various chorus groups. I now financially support OperaWorks-an operatic acting program here in Los Angeles.